Frequently Asked Questions

Is GamerSafe free to use?

Yep. The GamerGold can be purchased with real money, sure, but you certainly don't need to buy GamerGold in order to have a GamerSafe account. In fact, one of the cool things about GamerSafe is that you can earn GamerPoints just by playing your favorite games!

You never need to give us money unless you'd like to use our safe, secure system for buying in-game items and rewards.

What is GamerGold? What are GamerPoints?

GamerGold is the GamerSafe currency that you can buy with real money through our safe, secure system. GamerPoints is the GamerSafe currency that you earn while you play, by completing Achievements in your favorite games.

Both GamerGold and GamerPoints can be spent to purchase in-game items and rewards. Some rewards can only be purchased with GamerGold, some with GamerPoints, and some with a combination of the two.

What can I do with GamerSafe?

  • Play your favorite games, no matter where they are, using one single account name and password.
  • Save your games from any website, and from any computer, and retrieve them from any website or computer.
  • Keep track of your high scores and achievements, for all your games, in one place.
  • Earn GamerPoints you can spend to get in game rewards.
  • Use GamerGold to make in game purchases safely and securely.
  • Get in game rewards only available to GamerSafe members.

If I have a problem with a game, who do I go to for help?

If you have a problem with GamerPoints or GamerGold, please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you have a problem with any other aspect of a game, you will want to contact the game's developer. We would be happy to help you contact the developer if you are uncertain how to proceed.

Can I turn the GamerGold I get that way back into real money?

Nope. Think of GamerGold as the tokens in an arcade. Once you change your quarters into tokens, you cannot change them back again.

Does GamerSafe work with all browsers?

The GamerSafe website has been tested with all major browsers. As long as you can play Flash games in your browser, you should be fine.

If you have any difficulties, however, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will see what we can do to help.

Can I transfer GamerGold or GamerPoints to someone else?

No, GamerPoints and GamerGold are non-transferable.

How long does it take for my transactions to process?

If you purchase GamerGold with a credit card or direct PayPal transaction, the process is instantaneous.

Spending GamerPoints or GamerGold within a game to purchase a an in-game item or bonus is also instantaneous.

Where can I find the legal stuff?

Please see our Terms of Usage.

What's your customer service contact information?

You can contact customer service at any time by e-mailing us at

I'm a game developer. How can I use GamerSafe for my games?

GamerSafe is a powerful tool that allows you to add quality features such as universal saved games, achievements, micro-transactions and more to your game quickly and easily.

If you'd like to give it a try, the first step is to create a free developer account.